Family Dog Intermediate

Bishop California Dog TrainingTake you and your dog to the next level! Dogs in this class will polish their loose leash walking skills, heel, automatic sit, keeping focus and attention on you, off leash work, some beginning agility training and more. At the end of this class you and your dog are ready to explore Canine Sports, CGC and Therapy Dog certification and more. Owners will be provided with weekly written materials (homework!) via email.

$150 (6 week course/1 hour classes)

To receive weekly notification of these classes and other “special” offers please email Nancy Hardy at I look forward to working with you and your dog.

We did have a behavioral issue so I opted for a Private Lesson, money well spent. Nancy not only addressed the issue, she taught me how to deal with similar issues in different venues. Nancy uses positive reinforcement training techniques that foster good communication and understanding between dog and owner.